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True. I mean, if all she wants to do is ride single track through dirt, mud, sand, etc., then yes, a 250 would be ideal; a 650 probably too much for a beginner. But if you look at OP's post, she's clearly going to be using this thing as a commuter more than off-road (BTW, OP, if you're going to and from work, around town, and driving 100 MILES to get to off road driving; there's no way you're driving 60% offroad and 40% on the slab. Those numbers just don't add up). I think OP has grand dreams of offroading that much, which is great; but realistically, this thing is probably going to be more like 70% on, 30% off. Therefore, I suggest a 650. 100 miles every weekend on a 250 to get to more rev-inducing, off-road riding, is going to burn that bike up quick.
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