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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
That's funny, considering the lawsuit was mostly over copyright claims on classroom materials and some terms, like "clutch lever".

The ONLY thing used in Idaho and Oregon is one video on impairments (yeah, the Chip Eston video) which I'm told is no longer used by MSF. Actually, I can't speak for Idaho- I know there are differences to what Oregon teaches, as both programs have tweaked things in the past few years.

First off I meant to nuke that post as it had some incorrect info. Second I don't know anything about the lawsuit and could really care less.

But like I said..."AFAIK"(and for all I Know) which means I may be right or may be wrong. I've only seen the range cards Idaho uses, which are different then the MSF cards.
I had assumed they use a similar classroom curriculum.
Besides, Veteran Noob said the coach told him the class was the same. Hardware Girl said it wasn't. I confirmed it wasn't also. So I'll assume the Coach was wrong on that count too.

Cringe. I'd hate to ever hear of a direct correlation between a student passing and an instructor's income- that's BS. But even the potential conflict of interest with a company making a sale or not based on whether a student gets an endorsement waiver is too much for some states. RE as intended by HD and MSF was never going to fly in Oregon because of that.

I Didn't say anything that could be in any way construed like that. HTH did you get passing or failing based on pay from what I said?

Pitching the RE class over another is what I was talking about.

The guy at the local HD shop here pays his Coaches per student, up to a point. The more students, the more pay. But again, he is an independent school that pays the dealer a percentage of each students tuition. The more students the more the Coach, owner of the school and the dealer makes.

Well, they'd be Buells- that is, Harleys. REAL bikes.

Real bike? A buell Blast! You mean Harleys bastard step child? I'll take my chances with a Nighthawk 250, TU 250 or a DL200 any day over a freakin Buell Blast. You don't need a 500cc bike to learn to ride on.

Wish in one hand, in the other... I know of sites that have eventually lost their franchise because of poor maintenance (although it's easier to lose it due to RC's in loose cannon mode, teaching their own thing under the MSF's name).
No wishing to it. Again, I said "supposed". There are exceptions to everything. I've seen a couple that needed a bolt tightened up during a class(which I promptly did) but I've never seen one that was unfit for use, that was still in use. Can you saw lawsuit? The schools here have a reputation to uphold(other than just MSF classes) and act accordingly.

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