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Don't overthink this gluing step. If I were in your place, I would just get some glue that will tolerate the temperatures that the pulley may see and use accordingly. If you're carrying some JB Weld, I would use it....just a couple of dabs to keep the pulley and HES shutter attached to one another.

I do not speak from experience inasmuch as I have never had the pulley off my 2001 but merely quoting from my REProm and based upon a similar thread I posted in several months back (similar situation...engine was running then not).

The pulley fastener is torqued to 50 nm.

Once you're up and running again, keep us posted as to your location and what you're doing. I would like to travel that part of the world one day. Is the food any good? How 'bout the liquor? Any cute women (other than Liz)?
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