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Karma in Veracruz

One of the worst of many bads that my generation perpetrated was a half baked understanding of karma. Karma is simply action, it is an expression of the law of cause and effect... Newtonian physics of the non-physical realm... translated simply to motorcycles if you stop your bike and don't put your foot down you will fall over... you can work to balance yourself for awhile but eventually you run out of balance karma and unless you employ foot on the ground karma (action) you fall over and then have to engage in getting off the ground karma... see how simple it is? Everything you do is karma, even not doing is karma.

So... back in January, when I was studying Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, my teacher was robbed by a couple of street punks. One of the posters here suggested that we all kick into a Doņa Sara fund. In very short order a number of you contributed money and we were able to restore Doņa Sara's funds. Collective karma. Then the heavy hand of the mod came lightly down and scolded me/us for doing such a thing. Karma.

On Saturday, while I was out riding with MikeMike, the camarista took it upon herself to go through my things. She was able to find the emergency funds in US dollars that I had so cleverly hidden and rather then just leaving them be helped herself to them. I reported this to the management and following an investigation the young lady was let go. Without getting into detail, In management's view she had clearly "done the crime". Karma.

Normally I would take more careful measures to protect my property but this is not a New York City Hotel and I felt that my belongings and cash were very safe just as I had left them. The cash was very well hidden. The thief just had the time and the opportunity to defeat my best measures. Shit happens.

This afternoon the manager handed me a small brown envelope that contained full restitution of my lost funds. Karma. Thank you Doņa Sara and the Virgen de Guadalupe.
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