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Thumb alignment - DIY

Put it on the center stand. Be sure the tires are fully seated on the rims with proper air pressures. Are your wheel straight and true? Spin and eyeball them to check.

Put a straight 2x4 on edge (2" side against the tire) up next to the tires to align them straight. Do they line up? It may be a bit touchy because the front and rear wheels aren't the same width, but it can be done. You can clamp the 2x4s to the rear wheel and use equal spacers on each side of the front wheel to get it clamped in.

Accurately measure from the ends of the axle back to the foot pegs (assuming the pegs aren't bent) to make sure your front wheel are is in line.

If the wheels are out of alignment or the front wheel/axle measurement isn't the same on each side, loosen and adjust triple clamps to get the measurements equal and the wheel and forks in line.

Leave the wheels clamped straight. Accurately measure from each handle bar end to the front axle end and from the handlebar ends to the foot pegs. It should be the same on each side. Accurately measure from handlebar ends back to the luggage brackets. It should be the same on each side.

If not, the bars are bent.

Still seems to wander off? Put it on the stand on level ground, clamp the wheels again and check vertical alignment of the front wheel with a plumb bob or a level.

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