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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
I was thinking about this last night and it DOES have it's highlights, but a few fatal downfalls.

Yes, the 640ADV is wicked offroad, great on the roads, and has reasonable comfort with a big ass tank (7gal I think?)

The downfall is that damn vibration through the pegs, and handlebars. I imagine the seat even. My buddy owns one and has issues with it.

I don't know how common the head gasket issue is. It's just something I've discoverd while researching them in the past.

Let me know if you need anything. I'm willing to help with whatever.
I had a 640 ADV that I was going to use for my RTW. I really only noticed the vibration on long paved stretches.. which isn't a bad thing because gravel is more fun anyway.

The tank is around 6.5 gallons I think. If you find an LC4, look for a 2003 or newer. they sorted some of the motor problems that you hear about.

I'll ask my cousin if he would be willing to sell you my old 06 ADV. Its only got about 12k miles on it. I promise it burns less oil then your KLR.
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