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Originally Posted by BobLoblaw View Post
that probably contributd to the misalignment on re assembly. Just use some silicone to adhere the cup tp the pulley. After it sets reinstall the cup and pulley.. The clamp force of the pulley bolt will insure the assy stays put. The gluing does nothing more than help insure the cup and pulley do not get cocked upon reassy
In my opinion, Bob is dead on with this.

The cup isn't all that complex, it's just if you blink for a moment when putting the pulley over it and on the crank, the cup can shift. The glue is, in my opinion, just to hold it in place while you're tightening down the crank end bolt.

My guess is when they put the cup back on, they let it slip, or trying putting the belt on without loosening the alternator. By doing it without loosening the alternator probably would save ten to twenty minutes in time, for the mechanic.

But it's easy to tighten up the bolt, and feel like you have good tightness, and at the same time, because the cup slid off center, it's being pinched between the pulley and the crank end. Then when running the motor, over time that cup is either going to get loose and wobble, or it's already spinning off center, which would have taken out the sensors. At least that what it sounds like to me, from a gazillion miles away.

Donnie, sounds like you have a good plan to move ahead, by getting the parts from the BMW dealer down there. How many days before you'll have the parts?
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