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Okay I need to change gearing for offroad.

I have been getting better at riding since changed my fork seals and put in heavier fork oil (I think it was 15w idk) and I've been getting way more trail time in and riding by myself. I've been confident the last two weeks and been climbing hills like a mad man Skip to 4:15 to see what I've been practicing on, going up of course. It's scary as hell the first time you do it, kind like, dropping in on a skateboard. and theres about 10 trails of varying difficulty all in this one spot. you start out in soft sand, and by the time you shift into third you run into some whoops right before the actual climb, so you have to blitz them WOT just to get up the hill. I get about 1/3 up the hill and the engine starts to sound strained so I try to down shift to second before that happens and then launch the rest of the way up the hill in second gear in really high revs. I think I might be stressing the engine out more than I need to be but it's just too damn fun.

Also, when I'm riding the really tight single track in the mountains, I'm constantly jumping from 1st to 2nd 3rd over and over again. 1st is too much revs and wheel spin and 2nd and 3rd gears are too weak to huck over a hill.

I'm about to buy a 13t front sprocket to swap in when I do serious dirt riding. but I want some thoughts first. btw I'm running stock gearing
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