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I used GarminMapUpdater_v3.1.20.exe to update to 2013.40, or I should say started to use it, but when I tried to alter the settings so it would update maps to the HD and the GPS, rather than just the GPS, that choice was greyed out, so I canceled. I then used GarminMapUpdater_v3.1.19.exe, and found that I was able to make the selection of updating both the HD and the unit. After completing the update, I verified that the new maps were in fact in place on both.

This was for a 350LM, for what it's worth.

On one of the umo or garmin forums (I forget which) a guy who says he knows people at Garmin says that the Express team are now aware of this bug and will be fixing it.

Personally, I will continue to use GarminMapUpdater_v3.1.19.exe to update my maps.
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