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If you keep more weight ahead of your trailer axle than behind it, your trailer will not sway, regardless of tongue length.
Not even faintly close to true. Ever watch those little asphalt trailers on pintle hooks? They sway like mad, and are very tongue heavy.

Sway has lots to do with the ability to deflect the nose of the trailer. With a pintle hook, it's the play in the hitch. With many swaying trailers, it's the weak sidewalls of the towing vehicle. Watch them and you'll often times see it. Trailer tire flex can also play, especially if the trailer is loaded tail heavy. And with motorcycles, a cheap flexy hitch mount.

Tongue length only comes into play when you're backing a trailer with the tow vehicle
Nyet again. Tongue length isn't do or die, but it very much affects tracking stability of a trailer, especially as speeds increase. The angular deflection of the trailer axle due to tongue displacement is directly proportional to the tongue length.
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