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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
I have looked around the district 37 website and there isnt very much info on how to get into this. I am looking to do more of a technical race than a high speed one, so I think I should look into enduros? I did road racing last year and am doing a alaska trip this summer, so dirt racing would hold off until the beginning of next year. I will be looking for a bike soon. Seems like the only street legal bike that is an option is a KTM

any other street legal enduro bikes that are cheaper?
Go to this page...

It gives you links to the various entry forms you'll need to sign up. AMA membership is required, then you have to decide which series you want to run, desert, enduro, etc., then look through the list and find out who your steward is and that's where you send you D37 app.

This year they are implementing Moto-Tally scoring, so you will have to buy a $10 transponder that goes under your helmet visor as well. This can be done at sign up.

If technical is what you are looking for, enduro is a pretty good bet, but we are down to only 2 timekeepers in the season, the rest are qualifier format. Still fun and you don't need a bunch of timing equipment.

If you PM me with all your pertinent info (age, skill level, size bike) I can help point you in the right direction.

Can't help you with the bike, I love KTM's but they can be pricey.
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