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I think I misunderstood you, is there oil coming out of the master cylinder at the bars? I was addressing this problem in my reply which can be a result of worn rings blowing into the sump pressurizing the cases and pushing back clutch oil out of the clutch lever, very common as the case seal on the clutch side is very small and teflon!

The jerkiness and grabby clutch on a 690RR ( Rally Replica) is something I tried to fix also, I asked the factory mechanics on many rallies about this, the only thing that fixed it on my 690 RR was 2 things, remove all the plates, you will notice an edge on the plates where they have been stamped out, all the rough edges need to point towards the outside of the bike, drop the oil and install the Motorex 20W60 oil designed for high performance singles, it solved my problem. All this came from a 65 year old original rally mechanic for KTM who did much design work on the 690RR - Walther was his name if I recall right, he also showed me the trick of pushing the front brake caliper with your knee across the disc and then pulling it back, this removed the softness of the lever ( after every stage ) and made it firm again, he said the Titanium caliper bowls flip the rubber seal when they get hot and increase chamber sizes, by pumping the caliper it flips the seal back......i must have bled the front 5 times trying to fix this issue!

The oil oozed out exactly by the inlet orifice of set Piston 11 mm.

The sliding piston in the old OEM clutch issuer was clearly irregular. There was not a linear slide. That meant that when you let go of the clutch lever slowly; the bike started with pushing.
In my case, for now, the problem is solved.

Now I need to solve the problem of hardness in the clutch lever. So I ask about the option of Brembo.
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