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Originally Posted by AngryShawn View Post
I would not advise running a race like this with only two people, get at least one, non riding person to come along.
Imagine getting off the bike after a section then having to drive chase to the next one....
Mexican highways can be sketchy enough at times, why tempt fate?

I may Solo it or have another teammate...

As for a driver... I would DEFINITELY have a dedicated chase driver... more than likely it would be another mother-son team like our RTW trip!

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
I think he is planing on riding SOLO.
if not : Then YES you will need a Chase truck driver.
( try to get someone from out here who knows Baja )
Again... working on that part... HOPING LostRider joins me!

Originally Posted by cross-country View Post
For what it's worth...I've done the 500 with 1 chase vehicle before, it was fairly easy with the exception of making prerunning more challenging. It was me and one teamate, his buddy came along to drive. We had a decent amount of luck and both of us had a good amount of experience racing in Baja. We won our class (easy class to win) and did it on a bone stock bike that was pulled out of the crate a week before we left. At the time there wasn't an aftermarket tank available for the model so we raced with the stock sx-f tank (1.9 gallon).

It wouldn't be my choice now, but it is possible, and it was fairly cheap.


We got the race bike for free, and gave it back to the dealership after the race.
Entry was around $1000
Pit lease was around $500
Hotels were around $500
Gas ~ $500
Tires/bibs $300

One thing we didn't skimp on was tires, wheels, and bibs (or in this case we used tireballs installed in the hotel parking lot, iirc)
I will be using bib mousse and plan to have an extra wheel set to swap midway through the race along with have plenty of tires for pre running.

Working at a dealership tires is going to be my easiest thing to justify spending money on - I plan to use PLENTY of rubbers!
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