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Oh no ---your pots weren't blown off !!!!
We saw plenty of donkeys, but none there. It was kind of funny, that first night. We had decided to sleep in the enclosure without tents, just on ground cloths but discovered the cucarachas love the nice warm hot springs of Canon de Guadalupe as much as we tents went up pretty quickly. The wind picked up strongly around 2 am. The enclosure was swaying and buckling pretty good-----don't know if you noticed the roof structure------it had separated pretty good down the middle, perfectly place to dump any rain right in the middle of the pad and making lots of noise. I finally heard the unmistakable sound of our cooking pots hitting the ground, so I put my headlamp on and got up. Towels had blown off the clothesline, cooking stuff was on the ground, and then when I turned my lamp on the table my heart started racing...

I'd left a little bit of food in the pot----our habit was to clean dishes in the morning------and carefully covered it with the lid to keep bugs out. My headlamp revealed the lid had been carefully removed and placed right next to the pot, right side up

I knew there was no way that the wind could've blown it off like that, and no known animal would either...what could've done it???? Someone had to have snuck in to our little site and was hungry. It's dark, my heart's pounding...I crawled back to bed...senses on alert.

After a few minutes I got tired of being on alert, said heck with it, relaxed and fell back asleep.

Turns out I was right------someone HAD taken the lid off and had a late night snack----------

my son--right before he went to sleep.

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