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Time for some details.

I picked the bike up Friday from my local dealer, Grapevine Kawasaki near DFW airport. Very nice folks there with a decent service department. There wasn't much room to work on price but they did come of MSRP. I opted for a 24 month extended warranty but didn't accept the offer to pre-pay the first four services since I do my own work for the most part.

I was only able to put 30 miles or so on the first day. Ergos on the bike are just about perfect for me. I'm 6' even and about 210 lbs. with a 32" inseam. I can flat foot the bike easily. It doesn't feel any taller than my KLR did. The handle bars will need to come up an 1" or so for standing but are fine while seated.

The seat is not bad for what it is - a dirt bike seat. I was able to compare it back to back with my neighbor's '05 CRF230F seat and the KLX seat is much more comfortable than that but far less so than the Corbin I had on the KLR.

We went to the local dirt bike park today (Rocky Ridge for you N. Texicans) and I was able to add another 30 miles of single track and open range riding as well as spend some time on the jumps. The foot pegs are just OK. They grip fine but they're a bit small for my dogs and I'll be looking to replace them soon with something larger. Does Fastways make peg that will fit the KLX300R?

The bike really worked well in the woods, on the open range, and on the jumps at the park. 1st gear is extremely low. I found myself using 2nd most of the day on the tight stuff. The bike doesn't wheelie as easy as some but has no problem lofting the front end when needed.

Suspension - Great! Everything came from the dealer set up per the owner’s manual as a starting point. Rear shock spring compression seemed a bit harsh at first but proved to be fine. 11+ inches of travel and ground clearance are a wonderful thing!

I need to check the sag tomorrow and then start tweaking damping settings to see how they impact things. I'm no suspension expert but I know a couple of guys that are so I'll be to them.

The tires (Dunlop 603s) worked very, very well at Rocky Ridge (It's named appropriately, rocks, rocks, and more rocks as well as lots of sand and silt). They hook up very well in the sand and ate the large rocks and fist sized deep gravel for lunch.

One minor nit so far is the seat bolts. Two bolts at the rear of the side panels hold the seat on too. Easy to remove but they're difficult to re-insert after removal because they're so short and the side panel includes two plastic inserts that tend to fall out while you're trying to thread the bolts. Also, they're standard 8mm bolt heads and I prefer to carry just hex keys on the road so I'll be switching some of these key fasteners out with hex cap head bolts.

I'll get some pictures going tomorrow.
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