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Originally Posted by Guy Jinbaiquerre View Post
Hi Ali,

Just a few days after I finally gave up on my old C3 helmet in favor of the fit on my Arai Signet-Q, I heard about the new C3 Pro with a redesigned liner for a more comfortable fit!

Do you know if this new liner is likely to make the C3 fit better on people like me who have a Signet-Q head shape? Or is it a minor change to "comfort", not actual "fit" (if you know what I mean) that's not likely to make a difference?

Hi Guy,

Nearly every aspect of the C3 Pro has been upgraded over the original C3. Schuberth paid particular attention to fitting shape in this iteration, and while I would not call the C3 Pro long oval, it is definitely more accommodating for folks who have a more intermediate oval head shape. They were able to achieve this by eliminating the large rubber flap that closed off the vent holes at the forehead and replace them with the same "cat ears" we saw first on the S2 comfort liner. The new lining is also incredibly plush and allows for more give if you happen to have a more pronounced forehead. For every person who tried on our sample in our office, every one of them complimented Schuberth for the improvement on fit.
Keep in mind, your Arai Signet Q is the longest oval helmet we offer, so if that is one of the only helmets you can wear comfortably, you still might find the new Schuberth a little short, but it is certainly leaps and bounds better than its predecessor.

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