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So I ran Checkers last weekend, and had a great ride, or so I thought

They had the same format as last year, three separate loops and you can choose to run them in any order, and start by class rather than the traditional Hare and Hound start. It is also timed by row.

So time comes for our row, they were sending us off about every minute, and I think I was on the 4th row. Hey it's been two days, you can't expect me to remember everything.

Dead engine, I get an awesome start, almost too awesome as the bike wheelied, but didn't panic and got the holeshot and led the entire way

I chose to run 3-2-1, and stuck to that plan. Never crashed or really scared myself too bad, was just having a really good day.

Get to the finish, they tell me I'm first in my class, go to the truck and rest for a bit until I see 2nd place come in. We talk and he says I missed a check And to add insult to injury, it was in the first 5 or 6 miles

So I figure I'm done, DQ'ed, but I start talking to people and it seems that more people missed the check and the club sent someone to direct traffic. Grrr...

So I have to wait and see if they throw the check out or I am going to have to appeal the decision. Never been DQ'ed in my life, although nothing is official yet.
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