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Hi Funzo & welcome
For theCA border crossings always pick those where you can have
the required entry procedures done officially by the country you are leaving and
by the country you are entering. Avoid crossings which have no customs
personnel on duty.You might get in but you will be setting yourself up for
lots of problems.
Leave Mexico either for Belize at Subte . Lopez or for Guatemala at El Ceibo ( avoid Mondays) or at Cd Cuauhtemoc/ La Mesilla Mexican exit process is done 4 km before the actual border up the mountain
If you go toGT VIA Mex 200 get the exit formality and TVIP
refund done at the customs terminal at Colonia Viva Mexico on
Mex 200 on the west side of Tapachula. I recommend that you use
the crossing Northeast of Tapachula at Cacahoatan . Came through
there on Sunday and it was a delight , very light traffic , no masses of
big rig trucks nor so- called helpers chasing us as would be the case at the
Cd Hidalgo crossing SW of Tapachula .
Always time any border crossing to be in daylight .you donot want the sun to godown
while you are in there That applies to every border anywhere
Stay calm.grin and bear it and be ready for delays if buoads of travelers line up
ahead of you.
Only ONE border tossing in a day 😝

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