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Does this sound okay?

Originally Posted by PWRCRZR View Post
Could make a list of waypoints/locations all around the region that people can go visit and take pics of the location as proof of visit. Maybe a dirt and street list...could make the list long and see who snags the most locations in a given amount of time
Originally Posted by FreeTheBeast View Post
You would be a great resource for Vermont destinations, Liz. Thanks!

Years ago I was Rally Mistress, and created/organized a few rallies. The high speed pro rallies were a blast. But, I also did some wonderful low key, let's go for a ride, see what we can find, and have a lot of fun doing it, kind of rallies. They were casual, focused on people seeing things and enjoying great roads. I'm thinking about doing a simple form of that.

We can do just like you guys are suggesting, waypoints with destinations, places to stop and look around, fun roads, maybe smaller groups/teams of two or three, with a gathering point in the middle of the day for lunch.

Maybe the same thing after lunch to get back to the campground. My focus would be to take everyone on roads and to places that they normally would never get to see. I could definitely do a dirt road route and a paved road route.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
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