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Originally Posted by ZiaThunder View Post
I've taught the Harley version of the BRC (Rider's Edge) and still coach the MSF BRC...

They are the same, (use the same books) with the exception of a few added pieces, the ones I didn't like are where they push the Harley product.

I did really like a few of the things they added and would have liked to seen them taught for the MSF BRC, like the 'how to pick your first bike' and riding with a passenger piece.

They also take more time in the HD version, you get a lil' more time for the exact same exercises on the range.

I also took that version when I learned how to ride 7 years ago. I got a lot out of it and it's one of the reasons that I decided to become a coach.
Just curious here and am in no way trying to give you a hard time...

How are they the same with a ten hour time difference? That's an awful lot of "a lil more time for the exact same exercise". How much of that extra ten hours is actually used? Is it a five hour classroom and two ten hour days or?

Also how do they cover the "picking your first bike" while being made to listen to a Harley sales pitch? Do you tell them to ignore the pitch?
Usually that is covered during a break or two after one of the students asks that very question.

If I paid the price some pay for a RE class I'd be pissed to have to listen to a sales pitch. They should be paying the students to listen to it!
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