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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
For starters, the bolt washer WAS a problem but loctite OR new bolts isn't going to help that issue either.

How do I know that the bolts weren't tightened enough when they came loose. Because I have never seen one come loose when I knew it was tightened right. Deduction. Plus it's not just my experience I am relying on but a number of other professionals.

Any professional that plays by the book 100% of the time is not being professional. The book is a great source of info but it is far from perfect. BMW is not a religion. Even religious zealots pick and choose what parts of the bible they are going to follow. A good mechanical zealot SHOULD do the same thing out of any manual. That is unless he finds one written by god. Personally, I will replace those bolts any time someone insists. Sometimes the used bolts need replacing anyway for being damaged. Other than that, all it is going to do is increase their bill but BMW knows that!
I agree with SS - The bolts don't need replacing if they're not stretched and in good shape, and they don't need loctite if torqued properly.

Simple as that!

I haven't had any come loose - and that's even from before the days I was able to torque them and found out the specified torque was more than I previously thought. Up till then I used a long ten mm box wrench and applied enough force to feel really tight to me. But the specified torque was even higher than what seemed reasonable to me. Maybe it made a difference the threads weren't totally clean - in which case, any oil will reduce the required torque value. So maybe I was getting them to the proper torque.

But the point is that they don't come loose when properly torqued.

And to aid understanding here - the reason for replacing bolts is that either the head can shear off or the threads stretch. Frankly, I've never even heard of a head shearing off, so that's not an issue. And the threads stretching? That's easy enough to check - if the bolt threads in by hand, it's not stretched.
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