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Having a cross bar that connects the two sides is essential for me. I personally wouldn't consider any that don't have this feature. (So that's the SWmotech on my 990) If you drop your bike regularly (i.e. ride off-road) anything else will get bent beyond usefulness in short order (I had the KTM bars without a cross bar that came with my bike when I bought it. One gentle set-down and they were pretty nearly impossible to re-mount).

My bike has been bashed, dropped, slid, and even dragged under the bumper of an SUV (I wasn't on it at the time), and my SWmotechs are still going strong (albeit with sweet scars!). That coupled with the DIY stud mods and I'm happy, and my tanks are flawless, at least the portions of them that are under the crash bars.

at first I too wanted the upper fairing protection of the "old style" bars, but as far as I know you can't get them anymore. The lower style seems to work just fine, but I'm kinda jealous of those huge roll-cages. A no-go for the 990 anyway because of the ECU under the headlight.
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