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Originally Posted by SCHEVY View Post
Cool Banana's; i'm in ..we will have fun Wonder how many icepacks, chocolates, cakes & cans I can pack into the backpack We don't want to starve or dehydrate you know ... don't worry; i'll share
Cheers Marls
See ya', Marls (not only cause of the chocolate planning)

Originally Posted by huskygirl View Post
Dorthe's return

How do I put these on again?

Getting Instruction on how to ride (well actually the Husky wouldn't start)

And she's off and racing (little reminder on what side of the road to stay on)..... I'm sure the Husky is much bigger than that, why does it look so small......?

Thanks for lending me the fantastic bike, J.
Definitely getting my aussie riding fitness back... having ridden four great bikes since arrival Friday


Originally Posted by Miss Jane View Post
Did a lot of bike dropping last weekend attempting a very steep hill that was a bit loose and rocky. Dorthe managed fine - as you can see she has legs so long they made the Husky look tiny, where as I couldn't reach the ground and just fell over. I probably needed to gas it. No pics sorry, we were all very very hot and dripping with sweat. Luckily this track was not a maybe for the Chix ride and it's never going to be either.
Gee.. some ride Amazing what your friends put in place when you come for a visit - it did test my temp.regulation for working out
I managed to take a few pics... this one of MTrain cruising up the hill

Cheers, GSDane.
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