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Originally Posted by legion View Post
Don't think so. I haven't been able to make that work ...
Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear!
Just to make sure we are on the same page, or ‘window’ as the case may be. I am talking about loading Win 98 into an external HD then putting a Win 98 compatible program into that Win 98 system. Is that what you mean, or just that the older program would not work on a newer ‘puter?

Originally Posted by FlyRescue
Friar: anything newer than 98 can run it, most likely, in accessibility mode.
Fly, WTH is this “accessibility mode” &/or where do I find it?
I once tried to install an older A-CAD program on this Win 7 ‘puter thinking if anything I could then run it in ‘compatibility mode’. Win 7 wouldn’t even let the program install.
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