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Originally Posted by lhanson View Post
Hey folks Im looking for a tank bag to start out with for my commute on my ktm 690 smc. I have class at 10am and then work till 8pm and sometimes late bartending shifts till 2am. I hate wearing back packs while riding so if I could even split the weight for now till I get a rear/tank bag setup. How would the ktm tank bag 75012019100 do for carrying a small binder, math text book and a light backpacking jacket?

Eventually I want to get a larger rear luggage system like a pelican case on tail so I can lock it or a quickly detachable duffle style bag. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankfully summer is closing in for CA and less luggage will be needed (less layers for day time commute and for night commute.)
I'm not sure a tank bag is going to fit you books very well. The KTM bag you posted might work.. but I would go to a KTM dealer with your books and see if it would work. you might find something else that would work better in the process.

I would suggest a rear rack that you could strap your backpack to. then you still have the use of a backpack once you get to class.
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