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Originally Posted by mikerd400 View Post
First of all, SEMPER FI!!

I have a GSA and it rides great. Been up to Prudhoe Bay with it, and quite a few other places. I had a regular GS before the GSA, and spent 3 weeks riding through Mexico on the GS. I love my GSA, but I wish I went with a F800GS. The GSA is just too heavy. For dirt roads it has been great. But riding through sand and other soft dirt sucks.

My advice is to ride each bike and choose the one you find most comfortable.
Owning a 1200GS and then riding an F800GS was less than thrilling for me. A very nice bike if you don't get like getting into the throttle but not for me, especially since it is only 17 pounds lighter than the R1200GS.
The F800 does get impressive fuel mileage though.
On fuel economy the R1200GS easily gets 50 mpg if I ride gently and about 42-44 ridden fast while the guys I know with KTMs say they get 34-38 at best . I would agree that the KTM is better on single track than the BMW . I have found out that the jugs tend to find stumps etc very well so I keep away from narrow stuff and use the DR350 for that .

+1 on finding the most comfortable bike for you and your pulse should go up when you see it.
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