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Not sure if I have the right forum, but.....

A good friend of mine has decided he wants to give a little bit of himself to the world by raising some money for the Shriners and the children they help. He's also decided that taking on a 7000 mile journey in June around the circumference of the Lower 48 on a 1951 Vincent Black Shadow is the way to do it. I think its a good way to get yourself committed, but what the hell, I'm willing to help him out on his way to the funny farm if it will help out the kids.

A short, well written blog explaining what he's doing can be found here:

And I don't do the Facebooking thing, but he has a page linky

BTW, He's doing this out of his own pocket. Any donations that come in (100% as I understand... no overhead, no admin... ALL of it) go directly to the Shriners so if you can swing having one less beer this week and feel the urge, you could Throw a Fiver at the cause. Most of you FF's could use the Karma......

Either way, its a good read and I, for one, look forward to following it. With his permission I'll be reposting his travels here.
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