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How do you chase both sides (Pacific and Gulf) with one chase truck? Using last year's course as an example, half way was around San Matais. There is no way you could do a rider change at San Matias/Mike's Sky Rancho Road and see the rider again before the final hwy 3 road crossing the other side of Ojos.

Here is how you do it: Send Chase 1 to where they cross the hwy at Ojos. Chase 2 goes to where they come out to the road @ Cerro Colorado. Chase 1 goes from Ojos on down to the base of the summit at Santa Catarina. Chase 2 turns around at Cerro Colorado and goes all the way around to Llano Colorado on the Pacific side. After Llano Colorado, Chase 2 catches the rider again at Santo Thos. The Chase 1 goes on to Borrego and follows back towards Trinidad doing the rider change somewhere between the two. After the rider change, Chase 1 goes to the Hwy 3 road crossing the other side of Ojos.
This ^^^ is what I normally do with some small exceptions. We usually have more than 2 chase vehicles and are able to move around less, keeping the crew a bit safer.

How I did it with a single chase vehicle;
I started and road to Cerro Colorado.
Rider2 took the bike to VdT.
I got back on the bike and took it to the finish, I did not see the chase until the Ojos crossing.

Edit; one thing we did to mitigate risk was drop off spare wheelsets at several of the remote pits.
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