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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
You can use acid etch (2 times) and a pressure washer (steam cleaner is best) to get up the oils. I'd recommend an oil-based concrete stain, instead of epoxy. Epoxy only adheres to the surface (think: topcoat), but, the stain soaks into and bonds to the concrete (even over oil stains). Unfortunately, Sherwin Williams has discontinued what we used to use, as they continue to drop oil-based products. I need to look at some other brands, for a replacement.
Actually I should of worded that different. What I meant was I do not want to do anything with the floor so I won't worry about spilling stuff on it or dropping something heavy causing damage. I really like the look of those garages but I still want mine to feel like a shop. I wonder what weld spatter would do to those tile floors or epoxy?

I like your idea of just staining the concrete. It would look nice but still have that I can get it dirty shop feel to it. Since it is still just concrete.

I keep a can of carb cleaner around to clean up small grease or oil spills.
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