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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
Nice fix man! Though after seeing you weld feeler gauges together to make dragonflies I don't know why you're so proud of welding up a muffler
Heh- really fixing something is as satisfying as making something goofy, but pretty to me, anyhow, but thanks, regardless

Originally Posted by Tanami View Post
Easy to be confused...The quote and the bike in the picture are not related. That picture was taken shortly before (or after?) I took the bike for a quick spin more then two years ago I think. 10 years ago Paul built a special for me that I had to sell. I now have another that is very near to completion.

I've dug out an image or two of 'my' first Rooney Special...It's been posted around a bit so you may know fact it was later remade into the bike you may have seen with Rooney frame.

Oh, and nice repair Jason. I recall during your ride in the Safari last year Paul had commented to me upon both your capacity for improvising roadside solutions and practical resourcefulness.

I was thinking of you this morning. I had just heard of the sad loss of a friend in NY, so nice to see you are well. A big world at times.

Thanks Stu- sorry about your friend. All are ok, here, thankfully.

Nobody really mentions the Post Traumatic Rally Syndrome.

Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Thanks Stuart for a good read.

More like "boo-hoo"....sorry about not getting another crack at the Safari.....but perhaps you'll have more time to focus on Fossa and Baja..
Well, I spent the last two or three nights getting things together, and am getting the last bits and bobs in a bag, today.

Extra lights, all the gear, the first aid kit, which tools to take, the possible spares, the entertainment kit for the 24 hours of driving its going to take to finish this project

Plus getting the kid on the bus from a two hour delay today, getting breakfast in her and lunch on her, clothes on her, ok fine, wear pajamas to school if you want but take these clothes with you for gymnastics, after... No you cannot take the giant life size teddy bear to school with you. It will be in the car where you left it when you get home today.

Oh crap, I have to go to work, but I havent finished folding the laundry so that i can get the new load in. Screw the dishes, I still need to run the spare clutch cable and get the bash plate on. I just want to relax and drink rum when I get there tomorrow night, not frantically fix crap!


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