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Originally Posted by HellSickle View Post
"Slightly more" is where I'm struggling. When I start talking $350/unit, I start to grab my wallet. Even the cheap LEDs are great for increasing visibility.

OTOH, I bought a DRZ and KLR, learned their shortcomings, and have upgraded to KTMs.
I tried the cheap route and purchased 2 light for the lower bars. $50 dollars each for 1500 Lumen. 1 lasted 25% of a trip.(road part) and was not working when I really wanted it on the offroad part at night.
The problem is the standard work lights you see for cheap are not designed for extreme vibration. I took apart the light after it failed and looked inside. What I found was a small coil had broken off inside. Lots of parts on the circuit board to vibrate off.
The Rigid light I have also taken apart and found there are no parts to vibrate off. Looks like a real solid design.

And listen to Cyclops, he knows.
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