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What are you using for a charger? I just got a new I5 last week with the Lifeproof case. Looks like this is a farkle to seriously consider.
I haven't got around to it yet. I haven't had the need to keep maps up all day. But I found a hardwired lightning charger on google that I anxious to get my hands on.

Also I'm looking into the Monoprice lightning connectors. They have a thicker connector, and it leaves just .1 of an inch all around when inserted into the lifeproof case. Meaning that putting an o-ring or something around the connector would seal out the weather and still charge when plugged in.

If I went this route, I'd just wire a USB port to my fuse box and run the cable upfront. I don't like the idea of having a powerlet or Cig port upfront because I couldn't use it when it rains.
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