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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
Thanks guys, we're going to give it a try. Just to be conservative, I think we'll try start at RM 144, since that leads into the lake, which as you guys said, isn't technical and then if anyone is feeling over-matched, we can take the sportsman cut off at RM 185 and rejoin at RM 235.

Besides the super soft stuff before you get to the dry lake, if you try to get down Morelia road you will be on the race course. You do not want to be riding on the race course from around race mile 148 all the way down to race mile 185. And once you do get down that far the only way back out is to go backwards on the race course unless you wish to continue south on the race course and go out one of more technical washes in all of Baja.

You would be much better off watching near Borrego where north of the Hwy has more technical stuff to watch. I would then go down below San Flippy on the old Puertecitos road (dirt) and work your way over to the race course as it runs along the base of the mountains.
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