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I purchased a Montana last week from Johnny Appleseed. The unit came pre-loaded with Garmin NZ and Australian Topo maps. After an afternoons test ride I reckon the topo maps are good, but its very annoying that you can't turn the contours off which greatly clutter up the screen. You can turn down the detail to reduce some of the clutter but tracks/roads disapear at lower zoom. So I've been trying to upload Shonky Topo without contours and Maps for Australia so I have another option if the Garmin Topo gets too annoying. So far I've been unable to get any additional maps to install on the unit using Mapinstall. Mapinstall shows the available maps installed on my PC saying "the following map products can be installed to your Montana 650T Unit ID xxxxxx. I select the maps, hit continue and Next and instantly i get he message "Maps not transferred to Montana, The data was not successfully sent". I can't see anything in event viewer or any log files thats of any help.

I subsequently rang Johnny Appleseed for some technical support but was quickly shut down by the guy there who informed me that he is not allowed to provide advise on installing non authorised maps on this unit. He even f#%n dramatised it to the point that he could lose his job if he told me or Johnny Appleseed could lose their licence with Garmin. I explained that they're actually freely available maps and I own the Montana but he continued to repeat this same garbage about not being able to advise me on how to add extra maps because its illegal.

So is this a fact, am I not allowed to install maps of my choice on this $690 unit? Surely this can't be right.
The answer is very simple transfer the map to a usb thumbdrive first rename the file to shonkymap the copy directly onto the device where you find the other maps
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