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i have a Q, not moto related, well not directly anyway.

i run a small camper on my truck and have a deep cycle battery as "house power". about 80 amp hour and prolly 60 lbs. i run a fridge and lights and other things off of it and during the day its either charging via the alternator or solar panels.

heres the Q, can i replace that battery with a lifepo or similar? would be nice to have similar amp hour battery thats i dont know 6lbs or so. but i dont know if this new tech is deep cycle or should even be used as such.

oh, i should add that i have low volt cut off that is selectable, i run it at 11.4v now.

thanks for any info
sure it's possible but probably not cost effective. for we are talking actual amp hours, not PB/EQ used by most all the LiFePO4 mfg. for instance an 12cell LiFePO4 battery made from A123 cells would be 6.9AH actual, but labeled as say 24 AH (pb/eq).. your inverter doesn't understand pb/eq .. it draws actual amps... what this means is 12 cell, 6.9AH battery would deliver 6.9amps for one hour. if battery was 24AH actual, it would deliver 3.48 hours at 6.9amp draw.

probably the cheapest LiFePO4 battery available are Thundersky prismatic cells. 4x cells to make up 20ah actual for a 12v system costs about $140 without cell balance boards.

4x 20AH Thundersky battery = $560 + BMS and lithium charger costs ... total $750+ or IMHO not worth it. each thundersky 20AH weight about 7.5lb x4 = 30lb + cabling ... so you save about 28lb ... vs a deep cycle AGM battery that costs say about $230.

unless you are running a race car .. saving 30lb or so probably doesn't mean a lot. but on a Motorcycle saving say 15lb to some folks are very cost effective weight savings .. compared to say carbon fiber parts.

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