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Ain't Happening, No Can Brah, All Pau, what ever... Bottom Line is that the Rock Island Riders decided to pull the plug, everything was looking good until about two weeks ago and then some new requirements were added and the boyz said "Nuff Already!"

Be on the look out for a DS Ride with Gumption or something else, FUKK!!!!

PS: Nice shot of Erickson Gasser!!!! Did I take that with one hand?!?!?!?
The Rock Island Riders regretfully announce that the 2013 Mauna Kea 200 event is cancelled.
Things were not coming together as planned to allow us to present an adequate course this year. Details will follow later.
The Rock Island Riders


Shootzzzzzzzzzzzz It’s a shock to me also...we got started early in 2012 for the 2013 event, but the labyrinth of progressively higher legal hurtles floating in a stagnated bureaucratic pool of sheeple afraid to BAaaaa! in our favor.

We are now planing out next years legal event to keep the RIR integrity of cutting quality world class trails that test the riders under grueling endurance conditions, this being the tradition of the MK200, Big Island of Hawaii’s premier world class off road race that needs half of the Big Island to do it “world Class” right.

Meanwhile back at the Big Island Dual Sport Associations (BIDSA) illustrious Hilo Headquarters parking lot, talk is, we may host a two day "Tuff Enuff Lava Butt 400” with challenging loops..riders have to have a bullet proofed street legal dual-sport bike for this epic ride.
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