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Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear!
Just to make sure we are on the same page, or ‘window’ as the case may be. I am talking about loading Win 98 into an external HD then putting a Win 98 compatible program into that Win 98 system. Is that what you mean, or just that the older program would not work on a newer ‘puter?
Correct. I've tried to get that to work and haven't been able to.

Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Ok, now I remember. This damn Win 7 is a 64 bit Operating System, (WTF ever that means), & my program is made for a 32 bit OS. I’m probably screwed.
Correct. You're probably screwed is my take. I've tried it before with the 500gig Western drives that will fit in a shirt pocket. Backed up entire systems thinking I'd be able to access files later but the multiple operating systems apparently conflict and I couldn't access squat. Still have two drives on my desk that have backups of long since reformatted old computers but I haven't put enough time into finding a work around. Whatever's on those things probably wasn't important anyway so it's not getting much of a prio.

Originally Posted by friar mike View Post
I really don't know what is being said Iam a mechanic not a computer tech.
That's a cool little computer with no interface of it's own. No screen. No keyboard. No nothing. It's something you'd have to plug into another device and from that device you'd be able to access the computer functions.

Think of it as memory and a very small processor... but that's it. Depending on what version of it you bought you'd be able to plug it in and it would pirate the input controls of your host device (like plug it into your phone, etc.) so that you could get that little thumb drive looking computer to actually do something.
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