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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
I applaud you for trying to talk some sense in the midst of this self righteous circle jerk thread populated by the easily ruffled and inexperienced wheeler dealer wannabes.

You're crazy. But I respect this kind of crazy.
It wasn't that the dealer was unwilling to drop their asking price, it was the attitude of the salesman. A good salesman would have got the sale and had the customer happy to pay the full asking price. Of course, there are SOME people who are never happy unless they've haggled the price down some. Again, a good salesman will still have the customer leave understanding the situation and reasonably happy even if the two could not agree on a price to make the sale.

Still, MSRP already has a good profit margin built in. Refusing to sell a commonly available bike, that they could probably have replaced on the showroom floor in short order, for the sake of a couple of hundred bucks seems greedy to me.
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