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Originally Posted by Andyinhilo View Post
WTF happened this time???
I don't have all of the details, something along the lines that one entity authorized trail cutting in sections of the forest (well, read Timber Management Area that we all know is imported trees and not Native Forest) and another higher up the chain said no after it got started. RIR asked for clarification, none came, given the amount of trails needed they realized it was a Bridge too Far given the time remaining so they elected to pull the plug.

Bit of a bummer, I know of three mainland participants that were ready to come as well as the Kauai, Maui, and Oahu crews. Oh Well, in the end it's only going to look bad on DLNR, last time this happened the Mayor even said WTF??? since hotels, rental vehicles, airfare, plate lunches, gasoline, tires, and more importantly BEER won't be sold in the same quantities as when the show is in town. Not to mention Motorcycle Rentals such as Hawaii Adventure Tours and the new Maui Outfit (Moto Maui?) were both willing to rent bikes for the event.

See you out in the trails!
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