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DLC Coatings

Konflict Motorsports would like to inform our customers that we are continuously testing new settings and products. As of recently we have started offering DLC "Diamond Like Carbon" coatings for fork lowers and shock shafts. DLC coatings are found on most factory level bikes from road racing to off-road.

The benefits of having DLC coatings are:

Drastically reduces stiction which provides a tight and consistent feel. DLC offers a coefficient of 0.1, the lowest friction coating available that aids in improving suspension action considerably.

Allows valving to be more precise which can aid in traction control, and a smoother feeling ride.

These coatings are extremely thin (2.5 microns) and need to be applied to a good surface finish, being as it's a thin coating they won't repair any corrosion, scores or stone chips. Damaged or corroded tubes would need to be replaced or re-chromed first before they could be coated.

Standard factory applied coatings have proven to be less durable than they should be, the costs involved in re-coating the tubes makes it a more viable option to replace them.

We also offer custom hard anodizing as it protects aluminum, giving it a hard wearing surface. It can be colored by adding dyes which fill the microscopic pored in the surface. Anodizing can freshen a tired looking set of forks and offers an array of options for customizing your bike.

We also are now offering a "test before you buy it" service that will allow you to have the option of testing what well set-up forks would feel like. For the small rental fee and deposit you can see the advantages are of a properly setup suspension feels like in your riding area. We have limited sets available for certain makes and models so email with any questions.
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