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I hate to say this, but.... Unless you've always wanted a GSA, you're probably going to want something else.

If you're using words referring to performance or weight, you'll be disappointed in the GSA. Get the GS, or a KTM or something else 'sporty' if that's an important quality to you, because the GSA is not.

Don't get me wrong. The GSA is quick, and quite nimble for what it is, but you'll never be able to throw it around offroad trails or urban streets like the lighter bikes. I would say that the people who buy GSA (and love it) have always wanted the GSA, they don't care about the weight, the height, the cost, or anything else. They had to have the GSA and nothing else would do. That said, a person would be delusional to say that the GSA is the best bike ever for normal everyday use.

Like many bikes, it has a specific niche in the riding world. I would say it's for two-up (or cargo laden) long range touring, where one might encounter a poor road occasionally, and where fuel is sparse (and the rider is too lazy to deal with fuel bottles).
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