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The Super Enduro is almost home. I went in with Neil (who shared the container with me) today to watch it unloaded.

There's been the odd hassle or two with the shipping, but it came out of the container OK and I got to see my new Beeza for the first time

The bling has to go... and the carby isn't original, but decent Monoblocs are out there....

There's a rub mark through the Beeza's paint... but that didn't happen in the container. I'd say it was on the five day truck trip up to the border crossing into northern Thailand. I've got a mate who's already volunteered to blow some paint on it.

You have to love the Burmese. The "transfers" are all hand painted on.

AQUIS have cleared them... and here's a tip to anyone doing it. They had a damn good look at the radiator. Sitting down with a toothpick and getting every grain of sand out paid off.

I've got a ticket booked back to the other KTM in Siem Reap, Cambodia, booked for April 19th.... so the trip will continue. I've got new brake rotors, pads, chain and sprockets in already and more stuff still to come. I've been in touch with Henning (anyone who's done the Alpine Rally knows Henning) and we may be catching up in Southern Laos in early May.
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