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I just purchased my first motorcycle!

It is a 2009 Kawazaki KLX250 (EU spec, EFI). I dont have my MC license yet, but I am in the process of getting one. Ill have to take some courses but I should have it mid-april. The dealer said I could let the bike stay there until I was ready to bring it home. I must say it sucks to own a bike that you cannot ride yet! That being said, I am super thrilled about the idea.

I have been without motorized transportation since I had to sell my car 6 months ago. Maintenence, insurance and gas prices were simply too high for me as a student. (Imagine paying 6$+ for a gallon of gas). Im from Denmark so anything with an engine is super expensive. I paid 6700$ for the KLX and that was a bargain. A new 2012 model costs about 10k.(Is there any difference between 09 and 12 models) None of the other 250 dual sports are available here, so I really had nothing to choose from. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the KLX after having read lots of stuff about the competitor bikes on the market on here and on other sites.

I will mostly be using the bike for commuting around town, but I also hope to do some minimalist touring and some trips to the beach and the forrest.

Im already thinking about what mods I want to do. So far I have decided that I will need:
1) Rack (I was having a hard time deciding which one, but PMRracks just released a new one that looks good)
2) Seat concepts seat
3) IMS tank (They dont have one out for the EFI KLX yet but hopefully they will soonish)

I like to keep it somewhat simple and stock looking. This is supposed to be a practical, cheap and reliable means of transportation for me so I dont want to sink tons of money into it.

Any other mods you guys recommend to start out with? Im thinking about the 13 sprocket, but since I plan on touring on the bike I am not sure its such a good idea. Its something I will have to think about. Most other performance mods I read about seem difficult to implement on the EFI Kawi.

Oh and another thing: Things such as the Seat Concept, the IMS tank and the PMRrack will cost me a fortune once shipping is calculated (like 50$ shipping pr item!) Any suggestion on how I could cut down on this cost? Could I perhaps ask the companies to send the items to eachother and then ship it as one package? Do you think that would save me anything? Im fairly strapped for cash, so paying 50$ shipping on a 100$ item is quite a lot.

Sometimes, as a motoring enthusiast, I wish I lived in the states as everything is just so much cheaper, but then again, it seems as if the carb version of the KLX250 only has 18hp stock? The EFI has 22hp apparantly. I wonder what gives the 4hp difference?

Anyway, that was quite a lot of questions and I hope someone can shed some light on it. Pic is my bike at the dealers where it will stay until mid-april.

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