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For street riding, my FCRs are now getting the same mileage as my stock CV carbs were at 17 kms/litre or just about 39mpg. I think I can squeeze a little more out, because I think it's a bit fat on the pilot circuit still.

Off road all bets are off. Economy can get down to 12kms/l or about 27mpg, but then again, usually when we're doing that kind of riding, I'm not the least bit concerned with fuel milieage, and more concerned with just staying alive...

Getting the velocity stacks improved fuel mileage by 10% based on the before trip to NYC and the after trip from NYC under the same conditions (I was getting 35mpg on the way down). For transparency sake, this is probably not 100% attributed to the stacks/filters because of the small jetting changes we also made on the main, but my guess is that the intakes did contribute a lot to better steady-state cruising mileage...

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>>but how much mpgs suffer, if any on 950?

Our only data point so far is for Flanny changing from a Sudco FCR setup to my FCR setup and it increased gas mileage for his trip from NYC back to the Great White North. YMMV quite literally. CV to FCR? Good question.

>>I think… I spied a 2 wheel drive project somewhere?

Yes, that is about to start in earnest. Keep tuned to Sakurama's 950 refresh (yea, refresh!) thread.

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