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Originally Posted by lastplace View Post
Thanks for adopting me into your team.
pretty sure you adopted me!

Charlie's right- the best thing that you all can do for us is "like" IYSK wine on facebook, and find the wine at the liquor store. It's really great stuff!

For me, Rally is about more than just rally, it's a great excuse for all kinds of fun, like making rats nests of wiring on your previously simple dirtbike and traveling to exotic foreign locations. When I learned that adding Rome as a stopover destination barely increased the cost of my plane ticket, it took approximately 2.2 milliseconds to decide that needed to happen. I called Mountainman (who lives in EU these days) and he agreed to come down to meet me for a little mancation.

Photos to follow, but so far we have proven that italian food does not suck, Manuel Lucchese is as awesome in person as online, and Rome is even more cool than I thought it would be. Pretty exhausting work!
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