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Ive got a couple of threads splattered about on this bike, and Im just looking to consolidate everything in one place Ive restored vintage bikes and vintage snowmobiles on other sites and really enjoy going back the the threads and re-reading my projects.

So, anyway the bike. I found a 94 KTM 620 EXC for sale late last summer. I could tell it had been ridden hard and put away wet most of its life but after a test ride, I just had to have it!

Heres how it looked when I bought it:

I got it for a price I was happy with and spent last summer/fall riding it and making a list of what it needed. Im glad I didnt have this list when I test drove it I may not have bought it!

So heres where I started:
Headlight flickers
Tail light doesnt work
Turnsignals sometimes work
Instrument lights dont work
Parking light doesnt work
Rear shock shot
Front shocks leak
Clutch slips
Spark plug needs replaced
Waterpump needs new seals/bearings
Carbs jetted too fat
Seat I hate the white seat
Plastics plain white
Luggage none
Handlebars too low
Steering - spooky at highway speeds.

Updates on the next post.
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