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Just wanted to give everyone an update on my project. If you recall, I was going
to clean the gas tank (lots, and LOTS of rust in there, come to find out!!!),
and do some other things. Well, here is a laundry list of whats been done thus

- Removed the fuel tank, and did a Evapo-Rust treatment, and lined it with Red
Kote. Here is the procedure I followed:

Evapo-Rust part

- plug petcock holes
- fill with Evapo-Rust (close to a gallon)
- Shake vigorously every few minutes for 30 min.
- Let product settle for overnight, dump out in the morning
- Remove plug from petcock holes, empty and shake out as much as possible.Blow
out inside tank with shopvac hose

Simple Green part

- plug petcock holes
- Mix some Simple Green with water, fill the tank
- Shake vigorously every couple min for about 10-15 min.
- Remove petcock plugs
- Run cold water w/water hose until no suds are seen and line is clear
- Empty the tank, use ShopVac hose to suck out all the water
- Plug lines, pour a pint of Acetone into tank, shake vigorously
- Drain out Acetone, repeat Acetone procedure, remove as much Acetone
as possible.
- Unplug petcock holes, leave tank outside to dry

Red Kote part

- Plug petcock holes, and AROUND the fuel lid
- Using a funnel, pour the entire quart into the tank
- Tape fuel lid hole closed. DO NOT USE THE FUEL CAP
- Following the instructions on the Red Kote can:
- Rock slowly back and forth, up and down for about 30 min to get entire inside
- Product should start moving slower inside
- Once it starts congealing, remove tape from fuel lid and petcock holes, and
let product drain out through petcock holes back into Red Kote can
- Make sure all excess product is out. Might have to rock back and forth, and
let it sit on the can
- After about an hour or so of this, and all excess product is out, put on
cardboard and leave out in the sun to cure
- Curing is 8-24 hours. Wait then a couple days to put fuel in. Should have a
nice, red surface across all areas of the inside tank


Worked GREAT! After letting it sit for about 24 hours, I checked it, and it has
a nice, red lining inside. Should really protect against the elements! Bought
both the Evapo-Rust and Red Kote at O'Reilly's. Spent about $35.

Here is more things I have done:

- Replaced fuel lines with 6mm (1/4" fitting) clear Motion Pro lines (bought
from Bike Bandit)
- Replaced spark plug, although the old NGK one still looks good, so saving it
as a spare.
- Replaced petcock with aftermarket one from eBay
- Checked the points, still look like NEW (the cap hadn't ever been taken off,
from what I am guessing.. almost lost the gasket, as it was stuck pretty good to
its mounting point)
- Checked air filter, still looks pretty darned clean
- Bought a new battery, filled with acid last night, had it sitting on a 6V
(2amp) charge cycle for about 10 hours (I found out later that this was too strong of an amp to
be charging with.. it shows 6.4v when the bike is off, and it not being connected to the posts.
With posts connected, its at 6.2v, and after riding around for a bit, it showed 14.3v????; its a WPS battery)
- Drained the float bowl. Will carb clean if needed. Will be running some
SeaFoam through it with the fuel.

Here in the next couple of months, I will be stripping the paint off the bike,
and repainting it. Haven't decided on a color yet.

I was able to ride around some after having to kick start it for awhile. No fuel in the carb, and had to get it in
there! Then it ran like a champ, although the idle speed is too high.

Anyhow, sorry if this was too long of a read! I hope others can get some good
info out of it, though! I will update more as I get more things done to it.


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