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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
...Did you drive back to the rescue site on BigDogs track?
Not exactly. It was clear to Mickey & Kay they would get their truck stuck as well if we'd just tried to drive in from where the mud track intersected Mex 5--where we'd hiked out. Kay was pretty sure he knew where a true road was that would get us close, so we drove past the track about 2 miles and sure enough right along the base of a small mountain was a graded road. That took us back south and west, about a mile from the mud track but still north, where it was only partially muddy. We stopped at this point on the road--any further the road would've just gotten us farther away from the bikes, and that was about the limit of traction for the truck.

We headed for the mud track in the Rhino--we were standing on the back hanging on to the roll bar, grinning and hoping against hope our bikes were still there. We were going cross country at this point, using my gps to navigate & intersect the mud track north of our bikes where we knew there was relatively decent traction, figuring we could cautiously work our way down the track, making sure the Rhino didn't get in too deep.

It worked according to plan, although there was a pucker moment or two after we'd found the bikes--the Rhino was spinning all 4 wheels for a bit--but Mickey gotter done...

We learned a lot that day from talking to Kay and Mickey how to read the Baja terrain, and the difference between a dirt road, and random tracks.
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