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Originally Posted by Mr_Snips View Post
Anyone got suggestions of hot and cold tire pressures?
Now you're going to make me get slammed for running a weird size rear tire and running lower tire pressures than everybody here recommends- I run 32 or 33 front (cold) 34-35 rear. I don't find that the tires get too hot at those pressures, and the hot psi will rise up maybe 3 psi, about right in my book.

I am running these tubeless, so if I were you, I'd try it, but check temps/pressures. People talk about tubed tires heating up a lot- in my experience, braking and very hard cornering heat a tire up, but riding along at 75 mph on the freeway won't get it very hot if you're running decent tire pressures. YMMV, I'm pretty light.

For comparison, on a dual sport ride I'll often keep my tires at around 24 psi all day street and dirt. No problems with that yet.

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