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Originally Posted by Tortious View Post
I saw this review, which has brought me back to Advrider after almost a year. I'm interested in the capabilities of this bike, and I love how Wes will write articles like this one when other motojournalists seem to ignore the most basic questions we have about certain bikes. Every article I've read about the Honda parrots the next article with same drivel, but at least Wes reviews a bike with a different lens.
I agree with your review of most reviews. I think in due time, as people farkle these bikes as DS machines, it will spark some interest in other moto-journalists to probe the DS issue more deeply.

I bought an NC two weeks ago and have been really impressed so far. I truly believe this bike will appeal to many as both a street bike and a DS that will compete well with a Wee if farkled properly.

I've done about 50 miles of dirt road with street tires and I liked it more than my 08 KLR with knobbies. The low rpm tourque works well while chugging along at a slower pace. Also, the lower C of G helps handling.
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